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Social - Not just for Customers

Increasingly we are seeing companies apply experiences and learns from social networking to a business context in an attempt to know what the company already knows.

A change of mind-set is required to drop the negative connotations and scepticism regarding the word 'social'. By now, many businesses believe that social platforms make sense for communicating with customers but why would we limit it to just that part of the business? Social, in its enterprise context, is not simply a Facebook-like utility to connect employees. It needs to enable more efficient and effective connections between people, information and assets to help drive business decisions, actions and outcomes.

CIIT Concord enables a virtual water cooler to spark creativity and enhance productivity and innovation. It allows a place for people to seek help or share advice, circulate news and for spontaneous encounters to occur. Finally, it can aid strategic insight and execution for the management team by providing greater visibility with what is happening without any reporting filters and to extending their reach.


The growth of Social Networking has been outstanding. Organisations are starting to understand the incredible benefits that these tools bring to helping improve employee productivity.

Intranets remain a great place to communicate with and between staff. CIIT Concord provides a platform to allow people to stay up to date on what is going on in your organisation. Hash tagging, micro blogging, and follow concepts come together to provide a great way to stay up to date on the most important updates in your intranet. You can follow people, and even documents. No need for barrages of alerts whenever a document changes. Just keep up with the latest modifications using your newsfeed, which, by the way, is a great place to start and join conversations with your co-workers, and find out what is trending in the organisation using hash tags.

Users can easily join the conversation and share ideas on the category driven discussion boards.

While businesses may wish to create these communities based around product / service offerings or division / branch structure they should think outside the box. A community site is perfect for an "ideas hub" where ideas on how to improve productivity or business practices can be captured, matured and bubbled up to senior management.