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Enterprise Content Management

A new way of doing business

Today, people are finding new ways to get their work done more effectively, taking advantage of the freedom they enjoy as consumers and using the web and new technologies to work together, from anywhere. Our solutions help your team embrace the speed at which the market is evolving, giving them the tools they want to use with reliable service and support to keep them productive. CIIT Concord helps teams move faster, grow quickly and work better together.

CIIT Concord enables you to:

  • Store and tag whatever you want with CIIT Concord which supports images, audio, video, as well as office documents. Large files are also supported for audio and video with incremental download.
  • Define custom actions, values, for documents within your organisation with ease.
  • Apply rules when files are uploaded to organize files into multiple document libraries and folders, including the ability to create folders. Rules and actions can easily be defined through the User Interface providing a much better user experience to implementing records and document repository management without the need to write custom document routing handlers.
  • Implement policies that determine how long content is kept and whether it's archived, deleted, or copied on expiration.
  • Install validation rules which can be defined on fields and document set thus ensuring that multi-field validation applied consistently.
  • Have default values which are context-aware, taking on different values according to user, folder, or other criteria.


Concord™ increases productivity for users by reducing the complexity and number of clicks it takes to perform tasks.