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Mobile App Development

CIIT Mobile Solutions not only provides mobile solutions for organisations; we take mystery out of the process. If you need a custom mobile app solution for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android Mobile, Android Tablets, Windows Mobile or Kindle Fire, we will plan, design, and provide it to meet your needs without hocus-pocus or sleight of hand. We develop clear, easily understood plans for an app designed to suit your specific requirements and needs. You're never in the dark: we provide step-by-step explanations of how and why the process works, based on our many years of experience in the IT industry and the fresh, fast-forward energies of our development team that is perpetually busy investigating, evaluating, and embracing the newest mobile technologies so we can use them to our clients' advantage.


It's amazingly simple. We talk. The process begins and ends with communication. You tell us all about your business, your product, your customers, your market share, your growth pattern, your short-term and long-term goals. We listen, we ask questions, we put ourselves in your shoes, and use our understanding of your situation to offer guidance, recommendations, and options. Then, together, based on your input, we develop a plan that you approve before any development commences.


We want what you want: an app that wows your customers, accelerates your traffic and your revenue, and pays for itself many times over. Together we'll define goals that are realistically achievable within a framework of functionality and cost.

We attract and recruit the best and brightest brains in the industry, tempered and honed by experience, to ensure that the mobile apps we develop for you will also be the best and the brightest, regardless of the size of your enterprise whether it's a one-man show or a Fortune 500 corporation.

So, at the end of the road, you'll wind up with a mobile app you can not only live with; you'll wonder how you lived without it. We stake our reputation on that, every day, and very successfully, too.