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Docent Matric™

We understand that Student data management can be key in providing the necessary support to Students, Teachers and parents with the ultimate goal of providing the best education possible.

From implementation and end-user training to technical support, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive Students Information Management Solutions to all educational institutions with one goal of removing the data management headache from the classroom. Efficient and effective management of the “Students and Teachers” has become an increasingly imperative and complex activity for institutions.

Docent Matric functions consist of tracking innumerable data points on each student, from personal histories, data skills, capabilities, experience of faculty members and other necessary records.

Thus Docent Matric has tried to mitigate many of the problems faced by the educational institutions and then some by designing one stop solutions that provides an efficient way to address the bottlenecks created by the manual paper process and enhancements that provide:

  • Student’s personal as well as educational information electronically.
  • Teacher’s personal as well as educational information.
  • Students as well as staff attendance information tracking.
  • Fee Structure and maintenance for students and Finance Department.
  • Maintaining annual records for ease of data tabulation and reporting purposes.
  • Reports on performance of the students for academic performance tracking with ease of access.
  • Maintaining records on purchase of books and other academic articles where available.
  • Student Portal can provide access to all student data by students and their parents for accountability.
  • The same can also provide access to homework for students and the ability to post grades online.


The built-in grade book allows teachers to enter homework assignments, class tests and any other activity using weighted scales if desired. Automatic tallying of grades, reports to find erroneously entered grades and advanced ad-hoc reporting is included. Entering final grades is as easy as a mouse click.


Docent Matric Solutions includes numerous standard reports and the ability to design custom reports using simple check boxes. Reports are output to PDF format for easy printing and viewing. These could be student fee payment reports, attendance reports, overall performance reports, data comparison reports etc.


Docent Matric includes the ability to print student report cards at the end of every term or upon request. You can create groups of students across numerous attributes and click a button. It doesn’t get any easier and per our mission, our solutions are all about ease of use.


By period, by day, with comments and all accomplished with a only a few clicks. Customize attendance codes to meet your specific needs. Easily check attendance by using our built-in reports. A report can also be printed together with their report cards to call the attention of their parents to the poor attendance records relationship to their performance.


Our customizable Docent Matric solutions includes the ability to control user security at the field level. Customize the included roles and create your own to meet specific needs on who can access what record. No programming knowledge needed and only a few mouse clicks are required.