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Online Collaboration

Work in real-time online with classmates to coordinate study groups, work on class projects, and organise research. Work more effectively, together.

Why Online Collaboration will work like a charm

  • SIMPLE SURVEYS - Easily create survey apps, turn them into powerful web forms and collect your research hassle-free
  • FILES - Share all your documents and files in one place, so you can comment and work on them
  • WORKSPACES - Create as many workspaces as you need to work together with your study group, research fellows, or your entire class
  • SOCIAL - Think of Facebook just for your professional study and work-related needs
  • MOBILE - Use our free mobile apps to easily create new study notes and stay on top of your essays & projects on the go
  • WORKS LIKE YOU DO - Whether you're a night person, an early riser, or an afternoon person, you can pick up where you left off in your last session.
  • Online Collaboration is built for modern work needs - easy to use, social and mobile
  • ACCESS ANYWHERE - connect with your study groups, share notes, and do class work online. No more USB sticks and files left behind on your home computer

Online collaboration spreads responsibility, ideas and time across an even and elevated playing field, bringing all ideas forward, not just the loudest. It allows team members to choose when they work and pick productive times in their day to accomplish the tasks at hand. Teams have many options at their keyboards to create successful, productive and effective collaboration online.

Online collaboration does not have to be synonymous with being antisocial or impersonal. Tools available today connect ideas, strengthen presentations, and bring voices together to create wonderful synergy and innovation.


If you know how to attach a document to an email and your laptop has a webcam, you have not met the requirements for an online collaboration certificate of completion. The programs, plugins and products available today can replace the old-fashioned, sit-down, face-to-face meetings. This also saves each team member enormous time and energy. Getting work done online saves time, increases productivity and saves money on travel.

Chances are you have experience with online collaboration. If you've ever been sent a document online, edited said document, and returned the document to sender, you have participated in a simple form of online collaboration. If you have ever used Skype for something other than a face-to-face conversation with your sister's new dog, you too have experienced online collaboration.

Using collaboration tools and mock scenarios, this article will examine how a group of students might begin, advance, and complete a successful project without ever meeting in person.


Your team might have the same class, but members may or may not be in the same section. Or, you might all be taking the same class online. Now you have more collaboration choices than even before with mobile web conferencing on Android and iOS, built-in audio conferencing, and new integrations.

Collaborative Learning Platform Designed for Education

Web Conferencing

Take live engagement online. Deliver highly engaging and effective virtual classroom activities, meetings, webinars, professional development, blended learning, and help across your academic enterprise.

Mobile Collaboration

Give today's active learners the interaction they want with live participation in classes and meetings on their mobile devices—anytime, anywhere, and from any LMS.

Enterprise Instant Messaging

Create a learning network to support office hours, school services, impromptu meetings, one-to-one collaboration, student help, and desktop video conferencing—all initiated through presence and instant messaging.


Deliver a seamless experience that combines Online Collaboration with Docent Matric.