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Magic Tutor

Tutoring. Only Better.

Tutoring is the most effective way to learn. We take it a step further: one-to-one tutoring that’s on demand anytime, from anywhere. Get help right away. Never fall behind.

What is MagicTutor?

MagicTutor was specifically designed to provide quality distance learning opportunities for students anywhere in the world. MagicTutor offers a proven alternative to the traditional model of a teacher in a classroom with students. MagicTutor brings that learning experience to the online world, combining superior tutors, engaging content, a fully customized online learning environment and a high level of service to support student success.


  • The latest technology and easy-to-use tools. Interactive whiteboard, chat and filing sharing. Even a locker to save assignments, class notes and papers to use in session.
  • Love a tutor’s teaching style? Make them a "favourite" to see their schedule and have another session.
  • At home, school or on the go, work with a tutor from a computer, tablet or mobile device using your web browser. On the Android, iPhone, and iPad use the free MagicTutor app.

The Right Fit for Students

Immediate. On-demand. All about me. Today’s students live and learn at a different pace. MagicTutor is designed to keep up. We fit a student’s life and learning style.

We don’t offer canned curriculum or answers. Our tutors personalize every session to the individual student. Learn how to master concepts, answer questions and solve problems.

Only The Best Tutors

Our tutors are real people. They are a network of certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and subject matter experts. They are devoted to helping students learn better. Every tutor must pass rigorous subject exams. As well as demonstrate their skills in mock training sessions. Mentors continually review tutor work and provide ongoing professional development.

Safest Place Online

Student safety is our top priority. Every tutor passes an extensive screening and third-party background check. And, every session is recorded for quality control.

Choose What and When to Learn Next

Magic Tutor is an online school providing an in-depth curriculum to students in grades anywhere in the world.
Ideal for homeschoolers, international students, student athletes and performers, health-impaired, gifted-talented students and those who want to increase or refresh their educational skills.

Traditional Students

Many students remain enrolled in a traditional school and use MagicTutor as a supplement to their studies. In some cases, MagicTutor offers characteristics that their regular teachers do not offer; it has a "patient" character and is nonjudgemental. In others, MagicTutor adds depth to subjects they are already studying or offers subjects unavailable at their traditional school. Take on as much or as little as you would like; focus on one curricular area or more.

Homeschool Students

MagicTutor is a perfect fit for homeschool families because of its focus on parents as educators. It is wonderful because you truly guide your child's instruction, but becomes difficult when you have to choose materials that will target the many things that he or she needs to learn. MagicTutor offers a full or partial course of study that will prepare your child for future success.

International Students

Our students hail from around the country and the globe because MagicTutor is designed to be 100% browser based. Students who travel or move frequently appreciate the continuity that it provides and the ability to access the school from anywhere with internet access, including homes, hotels, libraries, community centers, and traditional schools.

Gifted Students

MagicTutor provides the ideal instructional program for a highly gifted child to explore by providing a broad range of content in a format that allows the student to progress at his or her own pace. Students and parents seeking an accelerated online program designed to motivate and challenge will enjoy exploring our lesson modules. Take on as much or as little as you would like; focus on one curricular area or all of them.

The flexibility of MagicTutor accommodates open enrollment - get started immediately.

MagicTutor offers two programs to match the needs of students and parents. Choose Independent Study for self motivated students or One 2 One Study for students who benefit from the guidance of an experienced online tutor. Both programs offer the flexibility that MagicTutor provides - a program tailored for the student, the option to stop and restart studies for travel, time off, and other interests, and the ability to work anywhere with internet access.

MagicTutor Independent Program

The MagicTutor Independent Program is a complete learning experience that includes all that a student and parent will need for instruction and learning. Students choose what and when to study, with all lesson modules for their grade level available at login.

An individual subscription provides your child access to all MagicTutor lesson modules at his or her educational level, immediate quiz and exam results, a communications center and other online tools and activities. Parents have access to the student report card through their own unique login and password.
The all-inclusive fee includes full enrollment in the MagicTutor Independent Self-Guided Program, instructional lesson modules, Parent and Student Logins and Passwords, Portfolio-Report Card, Instructional Assistance and Monthly Newsletter. Enrollment in the MagicTutor online program begins on the day payment is received.

MagicTutor Guided One-2-One Program

MagicTutor provides students an experienced online tutor chosen for his or her ability to advise and support the student and family. Their compassion and understanding form the foundation from which the student can grow, both scholastically and in all other areas of life. Tutors keep in touch with parents by e-mail or phone at least once each month.

Educational counselors help parent and child to design an educational program individually suited to interests, learning styles and academic needs.

Students in the Guided One-2-One Program receive:

  • All of the benefits of the self guided program
  • Individual student educational program
  • Direct contact with a tutor one hour each week
  • Access to the tutor 24/7 via email
  • Expanded access to MagicTutor lesson modules
  • Assignments created to build skills and knowledge base

What's the difference between MagicTutor and tutoring offered by my child's school?

While school-based or small group tutoring may provide your child with short-term help with homework, the MagicTutor's intense Guided Study program in conjunction with the One-on-One approach to learning actually provides your child with a permanent solution and long-term skills that will last a lifetime.

How will MagicTutor help my child improve his/her concentration?

Children who are successful learners have excellent concentration and focus. Research indicates that these children can maintain their concentration for one hour or more, which gives them the ability to complete assignments quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Educational studies consistently show that the most successful students are those that are strong in six general areas:

  • Strong Academic Skills
  • Strong Concentration
  • High level of Confidence
  • High level of Motivation
  • High Standardized Test Scores

Parents should check the Activity and Extended Learning completed each day. These are included with every lesson.