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The majority of corporate information is in an unstructured format. Fully optimising this information requires addressing unstructured data in concert with structured data. CIIT enables your information workers to be collaborative.

Most organisations see an Intranet as simply a centralized place to save documents. An effective Intranet is much more and can literally change the way your organization works. CIIT will help organisations implement Intranet solutions that allow for:

  • Collaboration across geographical boundaries
  • Content targeting based on individual profiles
  • Scalable, intuitive Information Architectures and Taxonomies that take into account organisation and discovery of information
  • A platform for exposing LOB applications in a secure environment

Reporting and Analytics from your systems are only valuable if they are delivered to decision makers who can use that information effectively. That may be managers down the hall or clients around the world. We craft solutions that truly deliver the right information, to the right entity, at the right time regardless of geography or organisational boundaries.

With businesses becoming more global and mobile, the number of channels used to communicate with customers increasing, and around the clock operation becoming a basic requirement for good business practice, the shift towards the knowledge economy has steadily been growing.

In this new business environment, employees and business heads have to communicate a single version of the truth to customers. They need to have information to make decisions at their fingertips regardless of where they are, and be capable of interacting with their colleagues regardless of time or location.

Portals, messaging platforms and web-based technologies are intrinsic in allowing businesses embracing this new world to operate efficiently.

With skills and resources that are well-versed in both the technologies at play in the collaboration space and the needs of businesses making the transition to the knowledge economy, CIIT is strongly positioned to provide solutions in this market segment.