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Document Imaging Solutions

From secure electronic medical records storage to X-ray image and document retrieval. CIIT Imaging Solutions provides document imaging and data management services and combine secure electronic medical records storage along with an easy to use, reliable records retrieval platform tailored to your facilities' needs. Today's healthcare and medical data management professionals are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and storage space while increasing records accessibility and meeting regulatory compliance. CIIT Imaging Solutions will support your healthcare facility's or hospital's management plan by providing secure on/off-site storage of medical records along with file management and indexing/coding services for all record types.

Envisioning a single source of medical document imaging services and records management without installing or maintaining any additional software. This is the approach we take.

Some of the features are:

  • Patient Records Research Reports
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Hospital Records
  • MRIs and Cat Scans
  • X-rays & more!

Our company understands the importance of medical data management and the necessity of security and confidentiality. Utilising a state-of-the-art tracking and retrieval system, re-filing of documents are handled with pin point accuracy. Customised solutions for each client to creating flexible medical management solutions that work.