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eHealth Solutions

Say Hello to the New Way to Manage your Medical Records

Say goodbye to lost medical records, endless paperwork, expensive storage, bulky storage boxes. Say hello to CIIT eHealth Solutions - an affordable, customised solution.

Changing to CIIT eHealth Solutions is one of the most important decisions an organisation will make. eHealth Solutions is responsible for Patient, Operational, Financial, and Clinical information and will have an enormous impact on the organisation and their clinicians.

eHealth implements a system that improves the management of patient records from Physicians and Nurses through to Physician's Assistants, and Supplementary Staff.

CIIT eHealth uses telecommunications and information technology to bring healthcare providers and service users closer together.

eHealth solutions enable medical practitioners to focus on providing high-quality patient care by streamlining the management of patient data. Each module offers a broad set of features and functionalities that can help institutions reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve administrative and clinical staff efficiency, all while enhancing patient care and safety.

From any perspective, whether financial, operational, and delivery of patient care, it makes more sense than ever to put eHealth solutions into the hands of your team.


We strive to develop the most useful and practical, fully integrated healthcare information system, and we can modify, or develop further as per the requirements of the client.


The project development is comprised of several components, each having important and specific roles, and supported by a solid infrastructure. Allowing CIIT eHealth Solutions to work for Nationwide institutions and also for the budding GP.

eHealth Solutions can be installed on-site or hosted from the cloud for accessibility and flexibility.

Download the full brochure here or view it online.